The mainnet test of XCash has started on 05-28-2018!

A brand new decentralized cryptocurrency.

Fast, stable, privacy, security. Free to govern wherever and whenever.

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Open source and decentralized

XCash is an open source public blockchain platform based on the concept of EOS and ETH. It was originally designed to solve the centralization trend of EOS and ETH transaction network congestion. Its underlying payment system is completely decentralized like Bitcoin. The architecture. XCash generates new blocks by mining. Computers distributed around the world compete for the new blocks packing rights by computing the XHash+XDpos algorithm. The computer that calculates the optimal result obtains this package right after it is approved by the whole network.

Smart contracts and decentralized apps

In the first phase of XCash, XCash network itself will provide complete smart contract deployment capabilities. Based on deployed smart contracts, users can arbitrarily design DApps that meet a variety of needs to publish their own decentralized applications. XCash entire The network and the smart contracts deployed therein have already completed Turing Complete. In the second phase of XCash, smart contracts will be migrated into XCash newly designed Dapp Store, which can accommodate a wide range of decentralized applications and provide Million-level TPS data distribution performance.

Fast blockchain payment and convenient exchange channel

In the initial stage after the main chain is officially launched, the XCash team will continue to develop third-party payment API libraries for the main chain. Once completed, it will provide one-click XCash payment APIs that are not limited to the following development languages: php, java, c#, c++, Oc, go, ruby, python, lua, js. At any time around the world, simply run the XCash client and use a third-party, one-click API access to quickly and securely complete XCash payment receipts. Function.



Pre-sale start

Eve 2018-05-25

  • XCash placements
  • Open pre-sale promotion
  • Investment and promotion
  • KYC authentication service
  • Exchange support
  • Main network start early

Measured open

Dawn 2018-05-28

  • 05-28 main network test
  • Partial code open source
  • Mining pool recruitment
  • Inner test mining
  • Smart contract and dapp
  • Reward for test mining


Breaking 2018-09-~~

  • code is all open source
  • main network start
  • Decentralized vision
  • Smart contract support
  • Mine technical support
  • onboard exchange platform


Journey 2020-08-10

  • XHash , XDpos algorithms
  • Dapp store campaign
  • Decentralized high tps
  • Dapp store support
  • Decentralized fast payment
  • Consensus hard fork

Scenario of XCash

Based on the characteristics of decentralization, it can be quickly applied to the following scenarios:

Fast financial settlement of cryptocurrency.

Dapp games based on smart contract.

Various industries ERC20 token issuance.

Safe and stable personal coin payment.


  • Japanese digital currency exchange BitFlyer: Bitcoin can be used to purchase flight matches. According to the official website of bitFlyer, the exchange started to provide Bitcoin settlement services on May 11 at the “Special Site of the 2018 Chiba Red Bull Aerobatic Flight”. The 2018 Chiba Red Bull Aerobatics Tournament, held on May 26-27 at Chiba Prefectural Zhang Binhai Park, is now available in bitcoin. Red Bull aerobatic racing began in 2003 and is an international air competition. Competitors need to complete the game in the shortest possible time in a challenging obstacle course.

    --Wall Street Information
  • Belarus has made economic digitization a top priority and is working on a resolution to promote the digital economy. At the Eurasian Digital Forum, Sergey Popkov, Belarusian Ministry of Telecommunications and Informatization, said that digital technology is considered important and it can change the economy, public administration and social services. Popkov mentioned the recently passed decree on the development of the digital economy, which promoted activities related to cryptocurrency. He said, "The passed Decree No. 8 provides HTP residents with unprecedented rights to explore innovative technologies such as blockchain, cryptocurrency and smart contracts."

    --Financial World
  • According to the latest news, the cryptocurrency XCash has been deployed and ready for public network public data nodes at the beginning of the project. It can be put into use at midnight on May 28th. The initial deployment of this node exceeds 60, and is distributed in various countries on all continents of the world such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Tokyo, Taipei, Seoul, several major cities in Mainland China, Bangkok, Sydney, Dubai, Mumbai, London, Frankfurt and Los Angeles. Toronto, Johannesburg, Rio de Janeiro and others. At the time of issuing the document, the number of Bitcoin nodes in the world was 10,292, and the number of Ethereum nodes was 16,611. Based on the decentralized blockchain characteristics, XCash's main network will be as difficult to destroy and artificially control as Bitcoin and Ethereum in the future. A stable decentralized network will effectively guarantee the key holder's digital assets. Safety.

    --Digital finance


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